If you haven’t already, add on your bucket list a visit to the Carnival of Cadiz, a life experience in one of the world’s best known carnivals!  Buy yourself a pair of rubber boots and see for yourself why the carnival of Cadiz gained recognition as an event of “international touristic interest” and a “Treasure of Spanish Immaterial Cultural Heritage”.

For two weeks the streets of Cadiz are filled with masks, music and parades that jokingly mime politicians, the church, and society in general.  All this accompanied by the fine foods & drinks that Cadiz can offer makes for entertainment and fun that is assured for all ages!  Here we have given you a very small introduction to what you can find during the carnival days in Cádiz. (Check for dates on our carnival calendar at the end of the post as they change yearly).

After a yearlong preparation, on the eve of the first Thursday of Carnaval, the party lights hanging all over town will be turned on and the Carnival will officially start with people partying throughout the historic city centre.

The first Friday is the big day! Among local beautiful young ladies, the Goddess of Carnival is announced and the final competition of COAC (competition among the typical carnival musical groups that takes place in the “Gran Teatro Falla”) is held to choose the official groups for Carnival celebrations. If you weren’t among the lucky ones who got a ticket for the show you can always watch it from the huge screen placed in Fragela Square or enjoy the funny “chirigotas ilegales” in the neighborhood of La Viña.

On the first Saturday is a carousel of the musical groups followed by the interesting competition of the Romanceros: one or two people telling a rhymed comedy helped by paintings, surely a show for all audiences!  This Saturday as well as the second Saturday are the big days where during the whole day and night the streets of the historic center fill with people from all over Spain and the world that have come together to dress up and party on every square, street, corner, and bar in the city.  This is the time you will need to put on your rubber boots and just enjoy the experience.

The following Sunday is the day of the “cabalgata magna”, the big street parade, with fireworks on the beautiful Caleta Beach and another carousel of musical groups.

Don’t miss out on Tuesday’s “Quema del Dios Momo” a spectacular fire to burn the god “Momo”, that personifies sarcasm, jokes and fun since Ancient Greek era!

Finally on the last Sunday the Carnival will close the official celebrations with a fried fish party, a carousel of the most popular musical groups, fireworks at the Caleta Beach and the “Quema de la bruja Piti” (the burning of the giant witch) which has been a part of the Carnival tradition since 1961.

Whenever you want to join the Carnival of Cadiz, the most important thing to remember is: this is a moment in which every person takes off their everyday clothes and decides to personify a character and just have fun. Leave your worries behind for a day, two weeks or even a whole month!  Feel free to joke around, be sarcastic and join the true spirit of Carnival with the Gaditanos, but most importantly do not forget your rubber boots.



First day

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Thursday, February,12th 2015

Sunday, February, 22nd 2015


Thursday, February, 4th 2016

Sunday, February, 14th 2016


Thursday, March, 2nd 2017

Sunday, March,12th 2017


Thursday, February, 8th 2018

Sunday, February, 18th 2018


Thursday, February, 28th 2019

Sunday, March,10th 2019


Thursday, February, 27th 2020

Sunday, March, 8th 2020