Fortresses route in Cadiz – The best Castles and Forts to explore in the city

The desiderata of the province of Cádiz, who had been attacked by waves of raids from immemorial times, due to its strategic location between two continents, justifies the numerous military buildings: towers, fortresses, forts and villages that are scattered throughout the city and province of Cadiz.

The defense system spread accross the province of Cádiz, which was the frontier lands during the long wars of reconquest against the Muslim invaders, the city, which had already been won by the Christians, with fortifications that would become one of his best characteristics kenned. Apart from the medieval fortresses that blend perfectly into the urban environment, isolated and strategic towers towers located within in outcrops that viewpoints were ideal. On the other hand, Lighthouse towers, forts and coastal castles were built and bulwarked the province from the continuous sea raids.

The following walk takes you along the city´s former outer defence structures, starting in the Puerta de Tierra city gate, and finishing in the House of Iberoamérica and the Lithografic Museum.