INN our hostel we do our best at entertaining you and showing you all the hot spots in our city at all times. We have countless activities to make you feel active, keep you busy, help you make new friends and ensure that you have loads of fun.

You can start the day with a free walking tour, an informative and entertaining guided tour of the three-thousand-year-old city. You’ll explore all the hot spots in Cadiz, discover the history of the oldest city in Western Europe, listen to volumes of legends, laugh at trillion of funny anecdotes and enjoy the beach like Halle Berry. Don’t worry if you do not like getting up early or you arrived too late to join, we organize an afternoon sunset tour so you have another opportunity to visit the city and have your breath taken away by the most romantic sunset spot ever.

Pizarra Sevilla INN
Flamenco Sevilla INN

Then you can prepare a meal in our kitchen and relax soaking up the Andalusian sun while sipping free coffee in one of our fantastic terraces and we’ll show you what we call a true Siesta (nap). (You have to get ready to rumble at night and paint the town red).

You can go to some of the flamenco shows around the hub of flamenco – the neighborhood where the hostel is located, which without any doubt will impact you. It truly is an authentic Spanish experience.

Late in the evening, you gotta join our fun Pub Crawl filled with drinking games like Beer Pong and Flip Cup. You’ll have a hand-on experience of the wild nightlife in our city thanks to the pubmasters who are authentic party animals! You’ll be dropping shots, Jagerbombs and other traditional drinks all night long! You’ll be party rocking with other travelers and staff members!!! (Don’t forget to have a Siesta the next day!)

* Scheduled events and activities may change without notice.

Good time Sevilla INN