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If you stay in one of the hostels which is part of the H2H community you can now take advantage of a 10% discount on booking for your next destination.

We guarantee a bed in a room with similar features, with the same philosophy and located in the best area of town. Now you can travel to and from Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Cordoba, Malaga, Cadiz, Seville, in Spain; or Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Thomar in Portugal, meeting new friends and enjoying great services because in the hostels of H2H the star is you and our work is to make you feel at home.

These are all the hostels in wich you can enjoy H2H discounts:


H2H Hostel in Madrid

Way Hostel Madrid

H2H Hostel in Sevilla - City Center

Hostel Sevilla

Sevilla Inn Backpackers

H2H Hostel in Seville - Alfalfa

Hostel Seville

Travellers Inn Seville

H2H Hostel in Málaga

Feel Hostels Málaga

H2H Hostel in Barcelona

Sant Jordi Hostels Barcelona

H2H Hostel in Granada

Hostel Granada

Granada Inn Backpackers

H2H Hostel in Córdoba

Mayflowers Hostel

H2H Hostel in Cádiz

Hostel Cadiz

Cádiz Inn Backpackers


H2H Hostel in Porto

Tattva Design Hostel

H2H Hostel in Coimbra

Serenata Hostel

H2H Hostel in Thomar

Hostel 2300 Thomar

Upon your arrival to the hostel you will be given an H2H card with a special discount code. You can use your code to get a 10% discount in any of these hostels on direct reservations (hostel website, email, phone or walk-in).

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